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daily_pokemon's Journal

Daily Pokemon Pictures
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In the vein of places like daily_pony and daily_doll, from Livejournal, it's Daily Pokémon!


1. One post per member per day, one picture per post. That's it, that's all, that's how it goes.

2. No text in the post itself. Let your picture be the thousand words. If you have to say something special, comment to your own post. The title should either be the personal name you've given that item, the generic name, or a tiny description/flavor text.

3. Picture must include at least one Pokémon item. Plush, poster, kids, whatever you collect. But it can have as many in that one picture as you want.

4. Tag your posts with every unique Pokémon that's in the image. The more pics, the sooner we get them all~

5. No screenshots, game shots, or fanartz. Photographs only, please. And while we're at it, take your own pictures. No tumblr grabs, no hotlinking, nothing of the sort. This is about YOUR PICTURES.

6. Try and keep your pictures at a respectable size. We'll work out max size later.

7. No ads.

8. Pictures and posts that violate the rules will be deleted.

9. Be grownups. That should be all I have to say on the matter.

Questions, feel free to contact your mod, kittikattie!